Publishing ISA Reports on your Sharepoint site

Here’s the problem. You want to look at your firewall reports regularly. You have gone so far as to set up ISA to publish the daily and monthly reports to a directory on the server but getting to yesterday’s report is a real pain in the butt. It would be nice to send the report via email as a pdf like Trend does or to have it appear on the home page of your sharepoint site. Although I may do the email option in the nearby future I have already completed the second option. Here is how I did it.

  1. Publish the ISA reports you are interested in to a directory if you have not already done it.
  2. Add a virtual directory to your default web site and point it at your report directory. For this example I will use srv1 as the server name and isa as the virtual directory name. This virtual directory points to my ISA reports directory located at h:\reports. To get to the Daily report for 4/25/2007 I would use the following URL, http://srv1/isa/Daily_(4.25.2007-4.25.2007)/report.htm. As you can see entering this URL can get pretty tedious.
  3. To solve this problem I created a small web page with some javascript that calculates the URL to yesterday’s ISA report and then redirects you there. I called that page, daily.htm, and put it in the Reports directory. So if I wanted to see yesterday’s ISA report, I would enter the following URL into my browser, http://srv1/isa/daily.htm, and the latest ISA daily report would pop up.
  4. Now since we have a URL that will always point to the latest ISA daily report, the Page Viewer Web Part becomes a simple solution to the problem. The Page Viewer Web Part gives me a peak at the Daily report and it makes it easy for me to browse the rest of the report. I created a similar web page that produces Monthly report. I put links to both pages and the directory in my Sharepoint Links list and My Favorites.

Although I used this technique for looking at firewall reports it could be easily modified to show a web page with key business indicators that you create daily, weekly, or monthly.

Here is the code for the daily.htm web page.

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en_US" lang="en_US">
<meta name="generator" content="HTML Tidy" />
<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<script type="text/javascript">
//< !&#91;CDATA&#91;
function getRptDate()
var now = new Date();
var ydate = new Date(now.getTime() - 86400000);
var yday = ydate.getDate();
var ymon = ydate.getMonth() + 1;
var yyear = ydate.getFullYear();
var datetext = ymon + '.' + yday + '.' + yyear + '-' + ymon + '.' + yday + '.' + yyear;
return datetext;
<script type="text/javascript">
var d = getRptDate();
var path = 'http://srv1/isa/';
window.location = path +'Daily_(' + d + ')/report.htm';

Colligo Reader and Contributor – Your Offline SharePoint Solution

Colligo Reader is free for individual use and a great way to try the rich offline experience that Colligo for SharePoint delivers. Reader provides read-only access to SharePoint content offline, including documents, lists, and metadata. It is so simple to use that training is not required. Download Colligo Reader for free today!

Source: Colligo Reader and Contributor – Your Offline SharePoint Solution

The good news is that our board is asking me questions. The bad news is that I do not always have the answer on the tip of my tongue and I need to look it up. For the last year I had been bringing my laptop to the meetings so that I could answer those unexpected questions. About two months ago our nonprofit moved their board meeting to an offsite location. It is a nice conference room in a good location but it does not have public Wi-Fi access. This is where Colligo Reader has been a great help. I store all of my nonprofit reports, letters, and worksheets in a Sharepoint site I run. Before I go to the meeting I let Colligo synchronize the files. This is a great solution for the mobile workforce and especially for those people trying to keep their nonprofit work from consuming the rest of the day.

Smigrate Cheat sheet

Using Smigrate to dump SharePoint to a .CAB file

Dean’s presentation to the Puget Sound Users Group had yet another nugget of information on SharePoint. Did you know that sharepoint comes with another admin tool other than sbsadm.exe. It comes with…

smigrate.exe !!

So what can it do?

  • Works with sites based on WMSDE
  • Size is unlimited
  • Requires Admin Access
  • Pick and choose site content
  • Pick and choose sites
  • Allows you to migrate between WSS versions

So what can’t it do?

  • Does not preserve customization or security
  • Will not overwrite existing sites

So what does it do? well, run it! It’s located %Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\BIN\

Here is the help for smigrate (acquired by typing “smigrate /?”

Backs up or restores a SharePoint Web site.Usage (backup): smigrate -w -f [-e] [-y]
Usage (restore): smigrate -r -w -f [-x]

Operations and Parameters:
-f Backup filename – required. Specify a filename with the extension .fwp.
-e Exclude subsites during backup – optional. No parameters.
-r Restore – optional. No parameters.
-w Website URL – required. Valid URL to a SharePoint Web site.
-x Exclude security during restore – optional. No parameters.
-y Confirm that you want to overwrite an existing backup file.
-u Administrator username.
-pw Administrator password.
Specify * as the password to be prompted for a password.

Example backup:
smigrate -w http://server -f backup.fwp
smigrate -w http://server -f c:\backups\backup.fwp
smigrate -w http://server -f \\share\folder\backup.fwp
smigrate -w http://server -f c:\backups\backup.fwp -e -y

Example restore:
smigrate -r -w http://server -f backup.fwp
smigrate -r -w http://server -f c:\backups\backup.fwp
smigrate -r -w http://server -f \\share\folder\backup.fwp
smigrate -r -w http://server -f c:\backups\backup.fwp -x

Now here’s the fancy thing: rename .fwp to .cab, then crack the file open with windows explorer. Surprise, there’s all your files.

Have fun with this one. 🙂