Jeditable and Classic ASP

This week I implemented a grid style application using Classic ASP and Jeditable. The hardest part of implementing this application was trying to figure out what a save.asp version of save.php would look like. Here the template I created.

dim sID, sValue,errorcode dim field1,field2,field3,field4 
'The sID is a spreadsheet style ID 
'As an example B3 would be the second editable field 
'for DB ID field = 3
sID = request("id") 
sValue = request("value") 
sType = mid(sID,1,1) 
sDataID = mid(sID,2)  
'We have four editable fields 
'The changed field will not be null 
field1 = null 
field2 = null 
field3 = null 
field4 = null 
errorcode = 0  
select case sType 
case "A" 	
field1 = sValue 
case "B" 	
field2 = sValue 
case "C" 	
field3 = sValue 
case "D" 	
field4 = sValue 
case else 	
errorcode = 1 
end select 
if errorcode = 0 then 
'Validate and update the data base 
end if 
if errorcode = 0 then 
'Send back the value field 
Response.Write sValue 
Response.Write "<b>!Error " & errorcode & "</b>" 
end if 

WordPress › jQuery Lightbox « WordPress Plugins

I just changed out one of my WordPress Plugins. I generally use thumbnails of my images and let a plugin called Lightbox show a larger image when the image is clicked upon. Today I replaced WP Lightbox 2 plugin with jQuery Lightbox plugin. I was hoping to reduce the amount of JavaScript the page downloads and I was not disappointed. One one website I maintain the new plugin reduced the JavaScript downloaded from 161,100 to to 39,420 bytes. There are some minor formatting issues but I think I can handle that.

CSS Fix #1 – On the web site using CSS dropped shadows I had to add new selector to remove the dropped shadows.

#lightbox img {

CSS Fix #2 – One of my themes has tabs on the top and after installing jQuery Lightbox the body was overlaying most of the tabs. I found that I could restore the tabs and not cause any other problems if I removed the CSS attribute, “height: 100%”, from the body selector in the jquery.lightbox.packed.css.

WordPress › jQuery Lightbox « WordPress Plugins » Blog Archive » jQuery 1.1.4 works but JQuery 1.2 breaks tablesorter for me

In a previous post I said that jQuery 1.2 did not work with tablesorter. Well, Christian and the folks at jQuery have made some updates and they work together now. You need both the 2.01 version of tablesorter and the 1.2.1 version of jQuery.

jQuery 1.1.4 works but JQuery 1.2 breaks tablesorter for me

I tried jQuery 1.2 this week on my phpWebsite demo site but the zebra tables in tablesorter did not work for me. I got a dark gray table rather than a striped table. The folks know about the problem and it looks like someone has offered a fix. I will wait for those folks to work things out. Version 1.1.4 seems to work just fine!

Adding RSS content to Outlook Today using jQuery

Customized Outlook Today
I decided to customize my Outlook Today page with jQuery. The change was pretty simple. My plan was to add the current weather forecast available from Yahoo via a RSS feed. The source for my inspiration was this post by Jean-François Hovine.

The only annoyance is that I get a popup window because I am accessing content in another domain. After a little bit of work this is what I ended up with.