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I just changed out one of my WordPress Plugins. I generally use thumbnails of my images and let a plugin called Lightbox show a larger image when the image is clicked upon. Today I replaced WP Lightbox 2 plugin with jQuery Lightbox plugin. I was hoping to reduce the amount of JavaScript the page downloads and I was not disappointed. One one website I maintain the new plugin reduced the JavaScript downloaded from 161,100 to to 39,420 bytes. There are some minor formatting issues but I think I can handle that.

CSS Fix #1 – On the web site using CSS dropped shadows I had to add new selector to remove the dropped shadows.

#lightbox img {

CSS Fix #2 – One of my themes has tabs on the top and after installing jQuery Lightbox the body was overlaying most of the tabs. I found that I could restore the tabs and not cause any other problems if I removed the CSS attribute, “height: 100%”, from the body selector in the jquery.lightbox.packed.css.

WordPress › jQuery Lightbox « WordPress Plugins

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  1. Glad you have liked it! I can’t take the credits for it, I just added the PHP part for WordPress support, but the real work came from Benjamin ‘balupton’ Lupton! 😀

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