Jeditable and Classic ASP

This week I implemented a grid style application using Classic ASP and Jeditable. The hardest part of implementing this application was trying to figure out what a save.asp version of save.php would look like. Here the template I created.

dim sID, sValue,errorcode dim field1,field2,field3,field4 
'The sID is a spreadsheet style ID 
'As an example B3 would be the second editable field 
'for DB ID field = 3
sID = request("id") 
sValue = request("value") 
sType = mid(sID,1,1) 
sDataID = mid(sID,2)  
'We have four editable fields 
'The changed field will not be null 
field1 = null 
field2 = null 
field3 = null 
field4 = null 
errorcode = 0  
select case sType 
case "A" 	
field1 = sValue 
case "B" 	
field2 = sValue 
case "C" 	
field3 = sValue 
case "D" 	
field4 = sValue 
case else 	
errorcode = 1 
end select 
if errorcode = 0 then 
'Validate and update the data base 
end if 
if errorcode = 0 then 
'Send back the value field 
Response.Write sValue 
Response.Write "<b>!Error " & errorcode & "</b>" 
end if 

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  1. I’m having this very same nightmare! I’m having trouble getting the values and ID’s from the form. Could you possibly post the form source code as well please?

  2. 1. I added an ID to the input elements of the jeditable source (i.e doubeclick)


    2. I put two more parameters to the dblclick-editable-javascript (id and name)

    $(“.dblclick”).editable(“save.asp”, {
    indicator : “”,
    tooltip : “Doubleclick to edit…”,
    event : “dblclick”,
    style : “inherit”,
    id : ‘elementid’,
    name : this.elementid

    3. Then I changed the save.asp to:

    sID = request.form("elementid")
    sValue = request.form("value")

    errorcode = 0

    if errorcode = 0 then
    sql = " insert into test(test1, test2) values ('" & sID & "', '" & sValue & "')"
    end if
    if errorcode = 0 then
    'Send back the value field
    Response.Write sValue
    Response.Write "!Error: ” & request.form & ” ” & “
    end if

    Hope this helps out.

    – Erik

  3. can u share the source code of Classic ASP and Jeditable?
    i find php but there is no asp code. can u share the codes and we will download it

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