R Portable Version 3.6.0 has been Released! Download R Portable for free! http://bit.ly/1G2ejZT via @sourceforge

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R Portable Version 3.6.0 has been released and is available at the R Portable project page, https://sf.net/projects/rportable/.

  • R Portable Version 3.6.0 incorporates the 3.6.0 version of R in a portableapps format.

Opera@USB : EN & PortableApps

Okay, Markus said I shouldn’t do this but I installed Opera@USB on my USB drive and renamed a few files. I wanted Opera to appear as a menu item in the PortableApps Menu.  Here is how I did this.

  1. First I created a directory under the PortableApps directory called, OperaPortable. You can name it anything you like.
  2. Next I installed the USB version of Opera into this directory.
  3. Finally I changed the extensions for operausb.exe and gsr.exe to com and changed the extension for opera.com to exe. You should see the pretty opera icon now.

Next time I started the PortableApps menu I had a pretty little Opera icon next to a title that said "Opera Internet Browser". It could not been sweeter. I went to my web sites and they looked fine. The only way I have been able to crash Opera so far is to go to the acid3 test. 😉

DISCLAIMER: I do not use Opera on a regular basis. Your mileage may vary!!!

Opera@USB : EN : download your free version of mobile Opera: