VirtualBox Migration Issues

Recently I have been interested in possibly converting my existing VPC and VMware images to VirtualBox. I have one image running under VPC and several images running under VMware server and ESXi. Although VMware has been an adequate platform the idea of running VirtualBox under Ubuntu server is appealing.

My first test was to try and convert my VPC image. It did not go well. I kept got a blue screen of death and wasted a lot of time. After soon research I realized that I did not setup the image correctly for migration.  Someday when I have a lot more time, I will try again .

My second test was to convert a mail server image that sends out our newsletter. This mail server has a history of being pretty compute intensive since we use DKIM to sign every email. From previous experiments I determined that I could shorten the run time by setting up the mail server as a multi-processor image. The host was on an old dual processor with 4 GB of RAM and under VMware Server  2.0 I could take advantage of both processors. However when I converted the image to run under VirtualBox I could take advantage of only one CPU. Alas the processors do not support VT-x so VirtualBox restricts you to one processor. I ran one newsletter through the VirtualBox version and it took about twice as long. Oh well! Back to the drawing board.