Re-Installing Sharepoint on SBS

Today I finally got Sharepoint installed and working. Here was the plan.

  1. Stop the Sharepoint database with NET STOP mssql$sharepoint.
  2. From the Add or Remove Programs, remove Sharepoint.
  3. From the Add or Remove Programs, remove the MSDE instance of sharepoint.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Install a new instance of SQL Server called SHAREPOINT using the Premium cdrom. When it asks, change the default disk location. Ignore warning message about SQL and Windows 2003.
  6. Apply SQL Service Pack 3a to the new instance.
  7. Start the database.
  8. Run STSV2 and pick the server farm option. It tells you that you will have to manually extend the site after the installation completes. I got an error at the end complaining about FrontPage extensions on the default server.
  9. Go into Sharepoint Central Administration and extend the companyweb site. I used the DefaultAppPool with Network Service.
  10. Pick a site template.

I verified my installation by saving a document into Sharepoint and then bringing it back up. It knew who I was and did not ask me for a logon.