Sharepoint SP2 – revisited

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Bottom line, unless EXPLICITLY stated in the KB that it ‘can’t’ go on SBS, it’s approved on our boxes.

I had just finished listening to the SBS Show podcast about patching when I decided to go and check my server. Although WSUS does a nice job I don’t really trust it yet. My way of checking on WSUS is by running Microsoft Update. My checks on workstations have confirmed that WSUS is working properly. When I ran Microsoft Update on my server it said that I needed to apply the IMF update and the Sharepoint SP2. WSUS did not tell me that. That’s when I remembered that I expected the Sharepoint SP2 update to appear on WSUS. I was hoping that I could count on WSUS blessing some of these updates as suitable for SBS. Although it never appeared on my WSUS, Susan(aka the SBS Pope) says I can do it without problems. So I went ahead and updated my server. The IMF story is different. I do not think that it will show up in WSUS. A week ago I had modified the registry per Microsoft’s instructions to allow automatic updates for IMF. Over a week has passed but nothing has happened. So I went ahead and updated IMF manually. I will check on it later.