Getting my ZyXEL WiFi phone to work

I picked up a Prestige 2000W V1 phone on my way out of OfficeDepot a couple of weeks ago. I think it was $60 with a $50 rebate. Unfortunately I could not take advantage of the rebate since the service was no longer available. So I tried hooking it up to Broadvoice. My initial efforts were unsuccessful. I could dial but I always got a busy signal. Yesterday I decided to try again. The first thing I found out that there was updated firmware for the phone. I also suspect that the firmware on my phone was customized for the now non-existenet VoIP service. Since the phone was not working I went ahead and flashed it. Guess what! Now I could dial but I could not hear anything.

I read the instructions for a previous firmware upgrade and it highly recommended resetting the phone to the default settings after applying the new firmware. After succcessfully resetting the phone and then entering in my configuration parameters, the phone works! The sound was better than I expected but the phone features are pretty minimal and I found the user interface to be non-intuitive. The final stumbling block was getting access to voice mail. I had to set the DTMF relay to RFC2833. I could call with “Inband” but it would never recognize my pin. There are three options in the latest firmware and switching it to RFC2833 fixed the problem.