SOS Online Backup 1.3 (beta) review by PC Magazine

SOS Online Backup 1.3 (beta) review by PC Magazine
With SOS Online Backup, you can start small, protecting a handful of really important files, and scale all the way up to 100GB. It keeps previous versions of files forever. And continuous backup means your files are always backed up.

I finally signed up for this today using the special PCMag offer of $35 for 1GB. I setup a trial account two days ago when I ran into credit card issues. Yesterday the fraud division of my credit card asked me if I really wanted to allow SOS Online Backup to charge my credit card. SOS Backup is an Australian firm. It was nice of my credit card company to ask. Offsite backup is attractive and if the client is as good as they say it will be, this will be a nice solution. The features I was looking for are:

  1. Secure file transfer. SOS uses https.
  2. Encrypted storage.
  3. A good client that only updates the changed files in a directory.
  4. Future client will have client support for SQL and Exchange.

This is a service I am surprised that Yahoo or Google does not offer. For information on the $35 a year offer look for the link at the end of the PCMag review. My plan is to use this offsite storage to store copies of the several QuickBooks company files I use and the Habitrak data base there.