Problems importing IIF transactions into QB2004

A while back I wrote a post called, “Update to Excel Macro to import IIF transactions“. In it I talked about a macro I was working on to import IIF transactions into QuickBooks. I had intended to share the macro once I got finished testing it. Well, I have finished testing it. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that the macro works as intended. The bad news is that although the transactions will import into QuickBooks, QB2004 does something funny with the transactions and I have not figured why. As an example if I import a late fee invoice, the late fee does not show up on the income statement even though I can see and edit the invoice. If I delete the line on the invoice and re-enter the line, the income will appear on the income statement. Obviously this is not the answer I was looking for.

Since then I have downloaded the SDK and am looking at modifying one of their sample programs to be a import program. With my workload this problem has not been high on my priority list. For whatever its worth, here is the macro as a text file.

Create IIF Rows from selection