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> What they don’t know is that I turned the server off for a
> day, and that one desktop is still being updated.
The Clients will update, automatically, from the Internet if they cannot communicate direclty with the CSM SMB server. We have changed this to be the default behavior in 3.5. You can check this here:
Security Settings | Select a Group | Configure | Client Privileges | Update Settings
[x] Download from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server
It is now enabled by default in 3.5 and above.
> because he understands that it should be able to run on
> the Windows XP Pro system.
Prior to GM release we run a final check called FCSE, First Customer Ship Experience, and I personally did the following on Windows XP Professional and had no issues.
2.0 upgrade to 3.5
3.0 SP1 upgrade to 3.5
3.5 New installation
Let me check with Support on this issue.
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Although I am running version 3.5 on the company server, I did not think my laptop was updating until I connected with the local network via vpn. When I checked my configuration I found that the setting to allow the client to update from the ActiveUpdate server was not enabled. It is now enabled since I prefer to have my laptop up to date.

My experience with Trend Micro has been mixed. I run Client Server Messaging Security for SMB version 3.5 on our company server. I generally have had good experiences with the client. Major client updates can get a little hairy. My experience is that all of the anti-virus vendors are okay but the other vendors are a little more intrusive. The most serious problems I faced occured with the server interface under version 3.0. Several SBS consultants said they were staying with 2.0 until the interface situation improved. SP1 improved the situation somewhat. I found the interface to be quirky but workable since clients do not access it and I did not need to use it very often. I upgraded to version 3.5 from 3.0 SP1. It took a long time to upgrade but it worked without a problem. The server interface has improved. It is stable and a joy to use.

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