Upgrading WordPress to Version 2.3

Yesterday I started updating some of my WordPress sites to WordPress 2.3. I used the WPAU plugin to update two sites and it worked fine. The bad news is that I found several problems. One theme and one plugin were not compatible with the latest WordPress version. I was a little surprised since these were plain vanilla sites with little customization.

The first problem I found was that I got an “array_key_exists” error message on the blog’s main page. After a little research I found that the problem was related to the Misty Look theme and that Sadish had updated the theme to version 3.5 to fix the problem.

The second problem I found was a bit more subtle. When I made a post or updated a page I got a “‘wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist”. There were a variety of recommendations on how to fix this problem but I finally figured out that I needed to upgrade the google-xml-sitemap-generator plugin to the latest version.

Considering the problems I have found with the easy sites, I will proceed very carefully when I update this site. This site may have too many bells and whistles for my own good.