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Re: Blue Screen Stop Error – HELP!! (PCD5SRVC.pkms and Dell Support Center 2)

I find it strange that no one from Dell has addressed a root cause solution to Dell Support Center 2 which is the obvious cause to this problem.  Most users are uninstalling the software so their systems still work; pretty sure that was not Dell’s intent. 

I got same error on Dell Inspiron 6000, Windows XP Home

What I did:

1. Started system in safe mode (see Windows Help for how)

2. Went to My Computer, C: drive, Program Files and renamed “Dell Support Center” folder to “Dell Support CenterX”

3. Restarted computer in normal mode

4. After startup stabilized (and no blue screen), renamed folder back to “Dell Support Center”

5. Using Settings, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, I removed “Dell Support Center”

No problems now.

Blue Screen Stop Error – HELP!! – Desktop – BIOS – Dell Community Forum

Today I was struggling to install the Comodo firewall. The Comodo uninstall program does not work quite right. When I try to install a new version of the Comodo firewall it says that it is already installed. So I was searching the registry and removing any Comodo references. When I rebooted I got the blue screen stop error described above. It took me a while to figure this one out but removing Dell Support Center 2 did fix the problem. It also fixed another problem where the c:\program files\dell folder appears at startup.