Implementing the Change Password feature with Outlook Web Access



This article discusses how to implement the Change Password feature in Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) to allow OWA users to change their domain passwords. This article also describes some of the common troubleshooting scenarios where you might use this feature.

Implementing the Change Password feature with Outlook Web Access

If you are running SBS and ISA(aka SBS Premium) this can get a bit more complicated. With the default ISA setup you will get the infamous 403 page when you click on the Change Password button under OWA Options. This 403 is coming from ISA. To fix this 403 message you need to go to the SBS OWA Publishing Rule properties in ISA. I clicked on the Paths tab and added a new path, “/iisadmpwd/*”. When I tried the Change Password button again, I got a new and different 403. I got a 403.6 from IIS.

My solution for getting rid of the second 403 was to go to IIS Administration and bring up the properties for IISADMPWD. I clicked on the Directory Security tab and then clicked on the IP Address and domain restrictions button. I added a new exception using my external static IP address. I used the external IP address since the ISA log said that was the client address. I tried to use the IP address for the WAN adapter but it did not work.

Enjoy! 🙂