Automated WordPress Hacking Tool Cached by Google

I just finished checking my WordPress sites with both a dork and a FTP. Google says that there 29,000 infected sites. I guess that I was left out of the party since my WordPress sites are at the most recent stable release.

Cyberinsecure recently posted details of an automated WordPress hacking tool that is doing the rounds. This malicious worm or program appears to create the directory, "wp-content/1/" as well as spam comments:

The blogs are most likely attacked by some kind of automated tool since the amounts of spam are too big to work manually on all those spam pages creation. It seems there are also spam comments in posts as well. Spam comments are pointing to internal infected blog pages in folder “1″ to get them spidered and to get people to visit them.

Smackdown also has a nice blog entry about this issue.

Automated WordPress Hacking Tool Cached by Google
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 23:52:40 GMT