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Great post Lijin! Sometime ago I struggled to figure out how to install subversion on my WinXP box. The biggest difficulty I had was to understand what the folder layout for Windows box should look like. I ended up using svn1clicksetup to get a standard layout. Due to issues between Subversion and Apache 2.2, I avoided using Apache for Subversion. SVNService worked just fine for me. Recently Subversion has been supporting Apache 2.2. With a slightly modified version of Lijin’s instructions I modified my XAMPP installation to support accessing my existing repositories via Apache. Here are my steps:

  1. Install Apache HTTP server if not already installed. I prefer installing Apache via XAMPP.
  2. Install Subversion and let it update your Apache configuration. In my case I was updating to the latest version. Here is my file layout:
    1. Install directory – c:\Program Files\Subversion
    2. Repositories – c:\svnrepos
    3. Apache conf file – c:\Program Files\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf
  3. Since my repositories are not accessible from the network, I did not create a Users authentication file or Acesss – rights file. I can do this later if I need it.
  4. In the directory, "c:\Program Files\Subversion", create a etc directory and place another file called subversion.conf with the following data.
    <location repos>
      DAV svn  
      SVNPath C:/svnrepos  
  5. Add Include "C:/Program Files/Subversion/etc/subversion.conf" to the Apache conf file.
  6. Restart Apache and test the repository access.
    1. I cranked up my favorite browser and went to http://localhost/repos. I saw my project directories.
    2. I created a new directory in the My Documents folder and checked out one of my projects using TortoiseSVN and the http://localhost/repos/project1 URL. It worked.
    3. Next I created a test file and added it to repository. It worked, too.

Installing Subversion? Just follow this 7 Steps « Lijin’s Localhost

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