pfSense 1.2.2 Upgrade

Last year I finally got around to installing pfSense 1.2 and some packages. Last week I decided to upgrade to the latest release. I chose to use the command line version of the upgrade process and it worked great at updating the base package. The upgrade documentation is a little fuzzy about updating the packages. When I logged into the administrative panel the firewall started to upgrade the packages. That kind of worked but most of the packages I checked were not working after the upgrade. I tried to manually update or uninstall SNORT but it ignored me. So I rebooted the firewall.

As the firewall came up the second time, it upgraded SNORT. After logging into the administrative panel again, I saw that NMAP worked. Okay, that’s a step forward. Next I tried NTOP but the screen would not come up. Thinking it might have forgotten the configuration settings, I configured NTOP. It worked. Next I installed Open-VM-Tools since I run my firewall as virtual machine. Finally I tried SNORT. I could configure it but it still had problems downloading rules. This was the problem I had previously under 1.2 so I uninstalled SNORT. Everything seems to be working so it is probably safe to forget it for a couple more months.