Welcome to Windows 7

Last weekend I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 RC. The hardest part was freeing up some disk space and partitioning the hard drive. After a few defrag runs I was ready to partition. Dual booting is the way to go. There are no special tricks. Just let Windows 7 install in the unpartitioned space. The installation was pretty uneventful. My laptop is about three years old, it has 2 GB of ram, and it passed the Windows 7 compatibility check. The installation found drivers for everything although it had to get the Ricoh drivers off of the Internet.

The part I was most interested in was what would I install first. The first four programs were were the virus checking software, FeedDemon, Windows Live Writer, and Flash. I chose a trial version of AVG available at http://free.avg.com/download-avg-anti-virus-free-edition. I like AVG but it triggers a PC issue message in Windows 7. I guess AVG and Windows have a few things to work out. It did not take to long after running FeedDemon that I ran into a web page requiring Flash. When I decided to write a post about my Windows 7 experience I installed Windows Live Writer. To setup Windows Live Writer I needed KeePass since that is where I store my passwords.

To transfer files from Window XP into Windows 7 I am using two methods. With the first method I created a shared folder at the root of the Windows 7 drive and copied files into the folder using XP. I could not browse the XP version of the “My Documents” folder using Window 7  and was not into the “take ownership” thing. The second method uses Dropbox.

So far my experience has been very positive. The interface is nice and the computer seems as fast as it was under XP. I think Microsoft has a winner if they price it right. The interface of Linux and the Mac are nice, too!