Is the end of Internet Explorer closer than we think?

I have been using Google Chrome for the last month at work. It started out as a frustrated response to Internet Explorer crashing random tabs. Then it became an experiment since although it was much faster than IE there were some applications that did not play nicely with Chrome. Now that I have worked through the problems, it is my production browser. On the other hand I still use Internet Explorer at home since I do not have the crashing tab problem. Considering the size of the smartphone and tablet market, if Internet Explorer cannot decisively when the desktop market the end is drawing near.

2 thoughts on “Is the end of Internet Explorer closer than we think?”

  1. You should always use Chrome and never use IE… even at home. It just ruins the display of websites. Well, IE 8 and below that is. IE 9 has improved a lot but they should just use webkit… it would make all designers/developers happy 🙂

  2. Yea, I heard that story. Unfortunately the site I work on has 54% of its visitors using IE. Every browser has its good and bad points. The most annoying feature of Chrome is how it handles pop-ups. I am in the process of redesigning a pop up we use use for eBay payments since most customers using Chrome never see it. I had a similar problem with several big commercial sites when you download files or reports.

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