CSVed 2.2.1

I was in need of a way to create a simple HTML table from an Excel spreadsheet. The “Save As” option in Excel created the standard Microsoft messy HTML. The Google Docs version was not much better. I finally ended up cleaning it up by hand. Then I tried CSVed. This is a good solution for this problem and other CSV problems. You can read the clipboard directly and export a fairly minimal HTML file.

My final solution was to write a PowerShell script that read the clipboard, transformed the data into a simple HTML table, and then sent the text back to the clipboard. A clipboard manager like Clipboard Manager is probably a necessity to manage the clips if you don’t get the correct results the first time.

CSVed is an easy and powerful CSV file editor, you can manipulate any CSV file, separated with any separator.

some features:
  • edit, add, insert and delete items;
  • import;
  • change separator;
  • add, delete columns;
  • rearrange column order;
  • save selection of rows and columns;
  • save filtered items;
  • save with double quotes;
  • search and replace;
  • filter items;
  • remove duplicates;
  • append and merge files;
  • install and uninstall
  • help in English
  • add prefix and suffix
  • split and join columns
  • export to HTML, Excel, Word, XML and more
  • proper words and strings
  • column search
  • column sort and global sort

The listview is running in virtual mode, that means the data is displayed on demand. (not the entire CSV file is loaded in the listview) so CSVed can handle big files and is very fast.
In other words, you can do everything with a CSV file you wanted. CSV is cardware.