Where are RStudio’s Options Stored?

I was looking at Joseph Reid’s description on how to set up RStudio when I realized I did not know where the RStudio settings are stored.  Since I created a portableapps version of RStudio, I was curious if it left any files on the hard drive. The answer is found in the article, Resetting RStudio’s State. Here is the pertinent part of Windows Vista and 7 users:

RStudio stores your custom settings and options in a hidden directory called RStudio-Desktop. If this directory does not exist, RStudio will create it on start up. This directory includes user settings, log files, and other state information. Removing (or renaming) this directory will reset RStudio’s state analogous to a fresh installation.

We recommend renaming this directory to create a backup version instead of completely deleting it. This allows you to save your settings, incase you want to revert back to them. Additionally, if you experienced a crash or RStudio failed to start, this directory may contain vital information for determining the source of the error. In this case, we recommend renaming this directory to backup-rstudio-desktop and sending it along with a support request.

Accessing the RStudio-Desktop Directory


You can open an Explorer window into the RStudio-Desktop directory by typing the following command into Start -> Run:

For Windows Vista and 7: