Google Reader Replacement Tryouts–Part 2

This weekend I followed up on the two RSS feed readers in my Google Reader Replacement Tryouts. I have been pretty happy with Tiny Tiny RSS. My only problem is that it could not read five feeds. The forums implied that the trunk version might fix some of the problems. After a few missteps my Tiny Tiny RSS is running the trunk version and two more feed are readable. I am still getting a 403 on and a “LibXML error 5” on two other feeds.

While I was updating my notes on RSS readers I went back to Yoleoreader. When I was last there only a part of feed was imported and the site was having stability problems. I repeated the import and all of the my feeds got in. Although I like the UI the response time of the browser is much slower than Tiny Tiny RSS. It looks like more growing pains. So far Tiny Tiny RSS is faster and more stable.