Publicize for Admin and Editor only

I think I found a bug in the Jetpack plugin for WordPress that is stopping me from publicizing my posts to social media sites. It worked under version 2.8 but was broken in 2.9. When I go back to the 2.8 version of publicize it works so why did they change the code? I am guessing but it looks like they fixed the problem with "Publicize for Admin and Editor only" they created a new problem with publicizing posts created using Live Writer and maybe other methods. Here is the code I am talking about.

< 				if ( false == apply_filters( 'wpas_submit_post?', $submit_post, $post_id, $service_name, $connection_data ) ) {
< 					delete_post_meta( $post_id, $this->PENDING );
< 					continue;
< 				}
> 				if ( false == apply_filters( 'wpas_submit_post?', $submit_post, $post_id, $service_name, $connection_data ) ) {
> 					update_post_meta( $post_id, $this->POST_SKIP . $unique_id, 1 );
> 					continue;
> 				}