RE: Revisiting RSS reader choices

Revisiting RSS reader choices
As a result of not resolving the “Feed errors – “Web failure” … forbidden” issue that I started about a month ago, I’ve had to rethink my use of RSS Bandit. I’ve really enjoyed using RSS Bandit, and feel that I’ve contributed some knowledge to the community, but with an unresolved problem, I’ve had to move on. If you’re interested in my evaluation of RSS Bandit v., GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 370), RSSOwl 1.2.1, Feedreader 3.05 and Abilon 2.5.3 build 196p, you can read it at .

I guess I am a sucker for trying out new RSS readers. After reading his post I decided to give Greatnews a try. At least it had w.Bloggar support in it. That was good since the Blog This support for WordPress did not work as expected. The feed I tried Blog This on had a bunch of %20 in the url that got converted into 20. My first surprise was to see how small a download it was. It was less than 1 MB. Both RssBandit and RssOwl are about five times larger. My second surprise was that it loaded pretty quickly compared to RssBandit. My initial guess is that it does not use as much cpu as RssBandit. I probably need to review my cleanup settings in RssBandit. My third surprise was that its default newspaper layout was visually appealing and easy to work with. I had tried out some newspaper layouts in the past but never liked them.

I like this reader and plan on giving it an extended tryout.