Updating BlackBerry software

Yesterday when I was paying my T-Mobile bill I checked out the downloads section for my BlackBerry phone and found that they had posted a new software version for my phone. The Desktop software was the same version. So I downloaded the new version and updated my phone. The good news is that it added some nice features. The bad news is that the browser was missing, I was having problems syncing with Outloook, and both PocketDay and Opera Mini are broken.

I cleaned up the browser problem by downloading new service books. This also created new icons for my business and personal email accounts. This feature I liked! I cleaned up the Outlook error by deleting the offending contacts(i.e. They were mistakes!). I did find a newer version of the Desktop software on BlackBerry’s website but it did not fix anything. I fixed the PocketDay problem by downloading a new version. I still have not gotten Opera mini to appear. When I try to download it from the website I get a HTTP 500 server error with the error detail referring to a javalang.NullPointerException error.