andy » ScreenGrab 0.8 (now with untested FF2)!


The FF2.0 compatible version of 0.8 is available

Source: andy » ScreenGrab 0.8 (now with untested FF2)!

This plugin does not install unless you modify the install.rdf file in the xpi archive. Here is how to modify the install.rdf file so that you can install ScreenGrab.

  1. I used 7-Zip to open the archive and edit the install.rdf file. You probably can do this with other zip-type programs.
  2. Near the bottom of the file you should find the field, “<em:maxVersion>1.6</em:maxVersion>”. Change the 1.6 to 2.0.
  3. Save the install.rdf file and close the archive. When it asks you if you want to update the archive, click on the Yes button. The modified xpi archive is ready to install.
  4. Open FireFox and then open the updated xpi archive via Ctrl+O or File-Open Archive. Follow the prompts to install the addon and restart FireFox.
  5. After FireFox restarts you should be ready to use it.