GreatNews: The Intelligent RSS Reader

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I was prompted to update my version of GreatNews when I started it today. The upgrade went great until I found that the whimsical css files provided by Maty no longer worked properly. I checked the forum and Maty had noticed it, too. Neither Maty or the forum moderator provided a fix. The 2 column design I was using showed a different colored background behind the text. This background overlapped other lines making it difficult to read. The problem I found appears to be related to the display:inline command. After some playing around I finally got everything to work. In my case I added a display:inline on line 78/79 and commented out the line 91/92. The rest of the changes are related to my desire to use a little larger font and fixing the layout issues of the two column design. Here is my diff file.

   1:  31c31
   2:  <     font: x-small Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif;
   3:  ---
   4:  >     font: small Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif;
   5:  78a79
   6:  >     display: inline;
   7:  80c81
   8:  <     width: 48%;
   9:  ---
  10:  >     width: 45%;
  11:  85c86
  12:  <     width: 99%;
  13:  ---
  14:  >     width: 94%;
  15:  91c92
  16:  <     display: inline;
  17:  ---
  18:  >     /*display: inline;*/
  19:  106c107
  20:  <     margin: 20px 0px 8px 14px;
  21:  ---
  22:  >     margin: 20px 0px 8px 0px;