If You Don’t Use Del.icio.us, You Will Now

I downloaded the Firefox Add-on for Del.icio.us to give it another try. I have been gradually changing my mindset to tagging but so far it has not done anything for me. I did find a problem when I imported my bookmarks and found that I had a bunch of old Sage feeds as bookmarks. When I clicked on one of these bookmarks, it tried to add them to my RSS reader. This was very annoying so I set about deleting the bookmarks. It was not easy. The only way I found to get rid of these bookmarks and keep the rest of my bookmarks was to delete them individually. 🙁

One of the more frustrating issues is that when I use the plugin to update a link it does not appear on Del.icio.us. In fact if I want to share a link or update a keyword I have to go to the web site. If I update it locally, it forgets!

Source: If You Don’t Use Del.icio.us, You Will Now

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