Using CSS Page Breaks in phpWebSite

I spent some time this week fixing up the print versions of some html pages. You could call the pages, product pages, and they are the most likely candidates to be printed by a customer. They looked okay in the browser but they suffered when printed. IE had the most problems. I thought a print.css would help but it didn’t. FireFox and IE disagreed how the printed page should look. I ended up tinkering with them to get them both to print acceptably. Forcing page breaks helped out considerably. Initially I created a new section in phpWebSite in put a paragraph with a css class that would force a page break. This worked but it was kind of clunky. So my final solution was to modify an existing phpWebSite section template to give me a page break after the section. This way I can select the modified template for those sections I want a page break after. I looking forward to the day when I migrate this phpWebSite system over the new version and use a regular html page. I learned to use sections in phpWebSite to get the site up but I am not a fan. I have enough experience with them now to say I would be more productive without them.

I really want a nicely formatted Acrobat version of the web page but that is a project for a different week.

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