Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Reworked Reset

I added this css to two WordPress themes, MistyLook3 and Andreas09. It did not alter the layout for MistyLook3 besides the line-height in the sidebar. I liked the change so I left it unchanged. However I had to make several changes to the Andreas09 theme to overcome some annoying problems.

  1. I had to add the font-weight:bold; property to the h2 element on the leftside in the regular css to get the bolding back.
  2. I had to fix one margin in the regular css(.date) since the reset.css caused it to overlap a heading.
  3. I was not able to see the default list styles for ul and ol in my content even when I specified them in my regular css. I could get the li elements to indent but I was never able to get a disc or a number to appear. So I commented out the statement in the reset.css. A picture version for the ul element worked in my MistyLook3 theme so I probably am not doing something right.

Link to Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Reworked Reset