Embracing the Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin

I finally decided to bite the bullet and switch over to the Ultimate Tag Warrior. The Related Posts plugin “worked” but the posts it said were related were not very related. I was reasonably happy with the Technorati tag cloud. It is closely linked to categories so it showed me were most of my posts were focused but I was concerned about the dependence on Technorati. So I decided to change my tagging.

Adding the UTW plugin is relatively complex task by plugin standards since you need to manually edit two theme templates, main site index and single. The automatic version would have been acceptable except the results were not right so I decided to edit the files manually. Getting the UTW tag cloud in the sidebar required me to download another widget. I may end up hacking that widget since I would prefer an alphabetic list.

So everything is working.

Link to Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin for Dummies « Lorelle on WordPress