Fixing My Technorati Tag Cloud widget

I have been using the “My Technorati Tag Cloud” widget for several weeks now and I finally decided to fix the HTML validation errors.

  1. The first problem is the embedded CSS in the body of the page. It should be in the header or in the stylesheet. I prefer the stylesheet fix so I commented out lines 169 through 174 and inserted the stylesheet info into my stylesheet.
  2. The W3C validator expects the widget to be a list item. So I added a <li> before the <h2> on line 179 and a </li> behind the </ul> on line 206.

For those who are not familiar with this plugin here is a short description and a link to its author.

This plugin will download your most used Technorati tags and display them in a tag cloud on your blog just like they show up on your Technorati profile. As always this plugin has caching so that it will only talk to technorait’s web site one an hour.

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