WSUS 3.0 problem partially fixed…Hmm

To make sure an upgrade works I install it first at home. I remain a little suspicious until I see that everything is working. As a test I release an unimportant patch to make sure WSUS still works. After a day I noticed that the patch had not been applied. A little checking showed me that none of my computers had checked in. That’s not good. A little more checking with the client diagnostic utility confirmed that the clients were talking but the server was responding with an error message. My setup under WSUS 2.0 used port 8531 for https and port 8530 for http. I switched the GPO to tell the clients to use the non-ssl port 8530 instead of 8531 and the clients could communicate with the WSUS server. Using 8530 is a temporary solution but I think I have the problem narrowed down. Hopefully this will be the only problem I have with WSUS 3.0.