SYDI and System Documentation

SYDI is a program to document your system. There are a lot of programs you can use to document your systems. Some programs are very sophisticated and provides lots of detail. Although these programs do not cost much, they inevitably have licensing issues and they provide a lot more detail than I care about. SYDI is a bunch of visual basic scripts that probe the system using WMI to create a XML file. At this moment SYDI provides enough documentation for me. With another script you can transform this XML file into either a Word document or HTML file. The documentation is not fancy but it is sufficient.

Recently I was updating my documentation for my server at home and decided that I was going to start saving versions of the server documentation. I initially changed the scripts to embed the date in the filename. I have since changed my mind and I have decided to store the XML files in a SVN depository. This way I can keep multiple versions of the XML file and compare these versions with the built-in Diff program or WinMerge. I still like the idea of embedding the date in the file name on the latest Word or HTML file.

As I was mucking about the scripts I decided to make a small contribution to the SYDI project and modify the XSL to generate valid XHTML code. I sent the XSL file to the developers and I will let them decide if they want to include it in the next release.