Quick Picks and Pans on my del.icio.us favorites for last week

  1. The Histogram Generator for SQL Server looks interesting but I think I will work on making pivot tables easier to use first.
  2. I tried JkDefrag last week. I like the look and feel of the Auslogics defrag tool. JkDefragGUI makes JkDefrag a little easier to use and adds a few features. Both tools are nice upgrades to the standard defrag tool.
  3. VirusTotal is a nice way to generate hashes for downloadable files.
  4. I need to check Ratproxy out. Ultimately I would like to compare this to WebScarab. I need to read this Google document again and play with to figure out why Google re-invented the wheel.
  5. Microsoft’s contribution to fight against SQL Injection would have been more appreciated if it worked for me. It did not generate a report for me. The program was more than willing to tell me that I did not have it configured properly. When I finally had it configured properly, the result is no report?!
  6. PCI 6.6 is a mess. I am suspicious that the firewall option will ever be a cost effective solution for retail web servers. My first run at automated code analysis was inconclusive. I believe that low cost automated and manual code analysis are probably the best cost to benefit options.

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