My New Cell Phone is a Blackberry 8900

blackberry8900A week ago my old cell phone, Blackberry 7100 died. It would no longer boot. Although I was interested in the iPhone and Android the biggest features I use other than the phone features are the email and web browsing. After using the 7100 for several years the feature I yearned for than anything else was a full keyboard. It is really painful to reply to email and surf the web without a full keyboard. The keyboard issue dropped the iPhone out of the mix. Of the phones with a full keyboard, the Blackberry 8900 was the safer choice for a Blackberry user. Due to contract complications that the store could not resolve, I had to order my phone directly from T-Mobile. So I put my SIM chip in an old Nokia I had forgotten to recycle and ran as a regular cell phone for a week. Last Friday I finally received the phone and synchronized it with Outlook. That was good timing since I had to make an unscheduled out of town trip on Saturday. My father died. He had been in the hospital for over a year battling MRSA. He won that battle with MRSA but he lost the war. This week the rest of his organs started failing.  By the time I got on the road the diagnosis was that he would not see another sun rise. The hospital had given him a sedative to make him more comfortable. He died before I got there. When I got to my parents house my nephew was still trying to hack into my mom’s wireless router. She had recently gotten broadband access and did not remember anyone giving her the passphrase. I quickly read my email to make sure that nothing bad was happening and then got back to the real meaning of the trip.