IE8 Compatibility Problem

I have been pretty busy this year with a move to a new warehouse so I did not get around to checking IE8 out until last week. So I installed the released version of IE8 for a quick checkout. It is scheduled to go on automatic updates in late April. The first screen I tried failed. All I got was a blank screen. No error messages at all! We use this screen to login to the administrative side of our web site. It is a classic ASP page with HTML validation issues that was written long before I got here. I tried to quickly fix the HTML validation errors but ASP barfed up some cryptic error codes with the HTML fixes I tried. So I am leaving this nugget for next week while I work on the issues my boss is most concerned about. Since I am old, I have a few rules about computer programming maintenance that keeps management happy with me.

  • Rule #1 – Don’t fix things that are not broken.
  • Rule #2 – Don’t fix things that they do not ask you to fix.

Until last week both of these rules applied.