Creating a Portable Padre

Padre logo

I think I was bored on a slow Friday afternoon so I started updating non-critical software.   Somehow I found a portable version of Perl, Strawberry Perl, and an IDE for Perl called Padre. An IDE is a help for someone like me who does not use Perl very often. Since I have a love-hate affair with the Windows registry, I also prefer portable applications. Since all of my portable applications are applications, I prefer portable applications that fit in this framework. So I found a “portable” Strawberry Perl. However it was not in the Portable Apps framework. I found an installable version of Padre but not a portable version. I am guessing that there is a Perl/Padre version issue since they only build Padre for Perl 5.10. The “portable” version of Perl I was looking at is 5.12. So I decided to ignore the problems and create my first Portable Application. If it doesn’t work I won’t use it. Here are my steps for creating a Portableapps version of Strawberry Perl with Padre(45.7 MB).

  1. Download Portable Strawberry 5.12.
  2. Create PortableApps folder structure for new application called StrawberryPerlPortable
  3. Create StrawberryPerl Portable Application
    1. Install Portable Strawberry in "app" folder.
    2. Create appinfo.ini
    3. Create Launcher folder and StrawberryPerlPortable.ini pointing to portableshell.bat
    4. Create Portable application using Launcher
  4. Test
  5. Install Padre using cpanp. Ignore errors.
  6. Modify portableshell.bat to start padre rather than cmd.
  7. Test example scripts
  8. Final Test: Install my cidrmerge application.
    1. Install NetAddr::IP::Lite
    2. Install Net::CIDR::Lite
    3. Test cidrmerge.