T-Mobile G2 free through Jan. 20

I bought two of these this week. My Blackberry was working fine but my wife’s phone was having problems. The price was right but I cannot find the $50 mail in rebate form. I had a surprisingly difficult time ordering the phones via the t-mobile web site using Internet Explorer. I ended up using Google Chrome to get the pop up windows to show up.

I also had a difficult time changing my handset on their my.t-mobile site. It kept changing back to the Blackberry even though that phone did not have the SIM chip anymore! When the site changed my phone device to the Blackberry, it would complain that I had the wrong data plan for the phone. I had to reset the phone almost every time I logged into my.t-mobile.com.

If you’re looking to snag a T-Mobile G2 (check out our review) on the cheap, it’s now available for the low, low price of free through Jan. 20. With it you get great keyboard, fast processor and that crazy locked-down hardware that took way too much time and effort to crack. (But cracked it was. Huzzah!) Anyhoo, you’ve got a couple days left to pull the trigger. Get it at the source link. [T-Mobile]

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T-Mobile G2 free through Jan. 20
Phil Nickinson
Tue, 18 Jan 2011 01:45:01 GMT