Playing with Pythonxy

I am not a python developer but occasionally I find a need to do something in Python. Over the years I tried Python and Python plus Eclipse.  About a year ago I tried Pythonxy and liked it.  I initially downloaded the package since I wanted to do some statistical analysis using python and this was an easy way to get all of the dependencies. Here are some of features I like and dislike.


  1. Naturally it includes Python and a wide assortment of packages including NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and IPython. It is kind of a no brainer to set up a Python environment with a full complement of libraries.
  2. It includes a nice full featured python IDE, Spyder.  If you do not like Spyder you can always go back to Scite and IDLE.
  3. It includes several packages I wanted to play with Eclipse, QtwxPython, and MinGW although Eclipse is now an extra package.


  1. It is a large download, 477 MB.
  2. I converted my statistical analysis to R  so I have little use for the scientific libraries.
  3. In some cases you will be working with older packages, such as IPython(0.10.2) and MinGW(4.5) and upgrading these packages breaks other things. In the case of MinGW I installed the newest Msys/MinGW version over the old installed version(MinGW32-xy) and everything seems to be working. However, upgrading IPython to the latest version breaks the enhanced command consoles for IPython.
  4. Occasionally I have problems installing Pythonxy at work. Mcafee flags the log2del.exe as a trojan while Security Essentials at home does not. This is annoying since several people have reported Mcafee’s report as a false positive.