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Recently I noticed an error when starting NotePad++, “Load config.xml failed”. NotePad++ proceeded to work with a slightly different skin but this error was annoying. The problem started well after my latest version upgrade so I am not sure what triggered the problem. I have been successful running the latest version of Notepad++ so I was pretty sure this problem would go away when they issued the next version. Today I finally got annoyed enough to fix the problem. The config.xml file in the Application Data folder for my profile had a zero length. I copied over a config.xml from the NotePad++ directory under Programs Files. This post in the sourceforge forum says about the same thing,

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I had the same problem and found that if I simply deleted (or renamed) the config.xml file, a replacement was automatically copied into the folder when I reloaded the app.

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  3. Thanks for the tip. Simply:
    sudo rm -f ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/root/Application Data/Notepad++/config.xml
    If all linux solutions were such “elegant”….

  4. Hi, I had a blue screen due to procmon, and ended up with this problem,
    the XML file was cut of in the middle of a /NotepadPlus/History/File node.
    I was able to salvage my settings by adding the appropriate ending nodes. (Just a tip for the next time)

  5. Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to share their tips for fixing this problem! Hopefully the folks supporting NotePad++ have fixed the problem and it will not re-appear again.

  6. i also received a bluescreen on my windows vista (i think i also run procmon from microsoft!) and now my config.xml in my appdata – roaming folder is still 6kb but contains no char that can be viewed in any editor.

    notepad++ will show only NUL if i open it 🙁

  7. This issue seems not to be fixed, or it has recurred. I just now DL’ed and installed Notepad++Portable on my Win7 pro x64 machine, and starting it for the absolute first time I get both the “load langs.xml” and the “load config.xml” error messages. This is Notepad++portable v 5.6.7

    It seems to be a security issue on Win7.

  8. Same here, Win7 x64 been losing settings for months on various machines. Somewhat embarrassing if a text editor can’t even keep the basic settings…

  9. I found out, that this error comes up, when I install the app (actually v5.7) on win7 with the option NOT to use Appdata (so as if you want the Tool portable/on USB-Storage). Some xml and ini keep missing.

    Then I reinstalled the npp with admin-rights (right click on the installer and “run as administrator”), that did the trick – all files were created and it works fine now!

  10. What I did after recopying a fresh copy of config.xml configure everything back to the way I want and then set the file to read only. So far the error hasn’t popped up.

  11. Thanks for the solution! Now I just need to tackle the disappearing langs.xml file problem and I can finally use Notepad++ in peace…

  12. Thanks for the post. I get a couple of people each year who find this post helpful. I updated the sourceforge link since the forum address had changed since 2007.

  13. This page also has more information


    Go to C:Program FilesNotepad++ (or wherever the program files are).Copy the config. model and stylers.model files.Go to C:UsersyourusernameAppDataRoamingNotepad++. (If you don’t
    seen an AppData folder, just type the path and the files will appear.)If you see an existing config.xml and stylers.xml file in this folder, delete them.Paste the files you copied in step 2.Rename the pasted files to config.xml and stylers.xml.

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